Stuffed Mushrooms with Sausage

Yield: 24 appetizer mushrooms

Prep:  10 minutes  Cook: 30 minutes


1 pound Prima Porta Sweet Italian Sausage (SKU: 3948- this item comes in 5 pound units)
1 ½ tsp dried oregano
1 cup freshly grated pecorino
2 cloves garlic, minced
½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
8 oz cream cheese
1 large egg yolk
Pinch red pepper flakes
Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 cup chopped flat leaf parsley
1 cup fresh bread crumbs, dried out
24 white mushroom, stems removed


Preheat oven to 400° F.

In a large sauté pan over medium high heat cook the sausage, oregano and garlic until the sausage is cooked through and brown, breaking into small pieces with spoon or back of the fork, about 7 minutes.  Remove with slotted spoon and transfer to a large mixing bowl to cool.

To make the stuffing, mix cheese, Worcestershire sauce, cream cheese, egg, red pepper flake, parsley, and bread crumbs to the sausage, mix all ingredients well, season with salt and pepper.

In a baking dish, brush with olive oil to hold all the mushrooms in a single layer. Stuff each mushroom generously with sausage stuffing and drizzle top with olive oil. Bake for 20 minutes until stuffing is browned and the mushrooms are soft.